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At De Grandpré Chait, we deliver results. We are a mid-sized law firm whose entrepreneurial and hands-on approach is focused on serving your best interests. Whether your legal needs are related to real estate, construction, business matters or litigation, you can count on our lawyers to provide you with practical strategies and solutions. Commitment is how we distinguish ourselves: commitment to respond promptly, commitment to understand your concerns, and commitment to provide the resources needed to anticipate and resolve the issues your business faces in order to enhance its ability to grow and prosper.

How De Grandpré Chait helps business owners and executives

Thousands of businesspeople like yourself have legitimate concerns with regards to company management, growth and succession planning.  To help you see through these issues, you need lawyers who listen, who understand your challenges and who will respond swiftly and efficiently to your legal requirements, so that you can fulfill your projects and achieve your business goals.

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How De Grandpré Chait helps in-house counsel

On a day-to-day basis, corporate counsel fulfill a critical role in all manner of issues integral to the proper functioning and commercial growth of their companies. In many cases, they rely on the expertise and experience of our lawyers to provide guidance and solutions to the sensitive and significant issues they must resolve.

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