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What are the available uses for recovery of a debt which results from fraudulent activity?

The recovery of a debt which results from fraudulent external activity or dishonest employees calls for creative thinking and the use of special recourses. The harm to the company caused by an intentional attack on its assets is often devastating.


What are your obligations towards employees in the case of a transaction?

For the seller, it means the number of employees can only be reduced by implementing the usual rules of employment termination, i.e. by offering an appropriate severance package, and only those employees who have not yet reached two years of service can be laid off, unless they sign a release. When purchasing a business in order to continue its operations or integrating it into an existing one, the buyer must keep on all the seller’s employees at their existing conditions, whether they are active, on sick leave or on maternity/paternity leave, otherwise he may be liable to potential claims and recourses. Employees continue to accumulate their years of service, and if they have a signed employment contract, it must be respected. Any layoff or termination must be implemented according to the conditions of the contract that binds them with the seller, or according to applicable standards regarding employment termination.